Good health with foods containing fiber

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Good health with foods containing fiber.

Often, weight loss doesn’t involve a calorie restriction diet. And to be in good shape. There is no need to sit and count calories in and calories out, as if breathing in and out all day. But losing weight to get a good figure It requires knowing how to choose food types. Know how to choose to eat complex starches, good fats, good protein, and choose to eat foods such as fiber.

The junk food we’re talking about is food that has dietary fiber. or high dietary fiber which research has found Only the sample group ทางเข้า ufabet turn to eating foods with more dietary fiber. Weight can be reduced. without reducing the amount of food eaten in any way.

The reason why high-fiber foods help you lose weight can explained by

1.) Eating foods high in fiber It takes more time to chew. Resulting in eating more slowly and get full more easily

2.) In addition to high-fiber foods, they help you feel full easily, but they also help you feel fuller for longer. This is because the stomach and intestines take longer to digest and move dietary fiber. 

3.) High-fiber foods also help slow down the rate of absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. When blood sugar levels do not rise too quickly Insulin hormone levels will not be high as well. As opposed to foods without fiber. This results in blood sugar levels rising quickly. Stimulates the hormone insulin to rise faster. Elevated insulin commands the body to store more fat.

4.) Dietary fiber is a carbohydrate that the human body cannot digest. Instead, it is a delicious food for the friendly bacteria in the large intestine. It was found that people who regularly eat high-fiber foods There will be more diversity of bacteria. There is a higher population of good bacteria in the gut. Resulting in better excretion The intestines are stronger. Lower risk of colon cancer and better health

For the food that invites you to taste it. Let’s start with the main food of Thai people.

Which is rice. Just change from white rice. It’s brown rice. It helps us get more fiber profits. next to brown rice Recommended to try. oatmeal or barley which contains dietary fiber beta glucan that has properties that help keep the stomach full for a long time Besides rice Various grains, whether sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or other bird food It is considered a good source of dietary fiber. 

The last group, but with the most waste, is vegetables and fruits. You should aim to eat 5 handfuls per day (vegetables and fruits combined). The more fruits that can be eaten with the peel or seeds. The more profit you will get from the waste. The important thing is not to use a waste separator. And drink only water Because the pulp is the highlight of fruits and vegetables.  Get thin without starving Just don’t forget to ask yourself every day: “Have we eaten enough bland food today?”