Fruits to cure constipation.

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The problem of constipation is a problem that bothers many women, although some people may be weak. Whatever you eat, you can take it with ease and convenience. But if there is a time when you have to live a different life at a different time must eat food that is not the same as what you used to eat every day May cause the problem of “constipation” to visit, it is not. instead of taking pills or a laxative to eat We use natural methods by eating these fruits To help resolve constipation better.

1. Papaya

In addition to the papaya will help with diuretic. It also helps excrete well. Because ripe papaya has a mild laxative effect, sweet taste, easy to eat, easy to digest, plus high vitamin A, fat and less cholesterol. But don’t eat too much. Because they may be at risk for bone, joint disease, and may experience loss of appetite, lethargy or insomnia UFABET

2. Apple

Apples contain pectin. That adds fiber to the digestive tract thus enhancing the efficiency of the excretory system to work better In addition, vitamin C that help prevent colds Prevent scurvy It also helps prevent colon cancer as well.

3. Banana

It is said that if stool is as hard as a banana, Even if it’s called a good stool, it’s not too liquid and too hard. Therefore, it is not strange that eating bananas will help to excrete more easily, the fiber and nutrients in bananas can effectively help reduce constipation. It also helps to balance the excretory system to normal as well.

4. Ripe Mango

Ripe mangoes are high in vitamin C. It also contains antioxidants, vitamin A, beta-carotene and also helps to soften the stool as well. But caution is Don’t eat too many ripe mangoes. Because ripe mangoes contain a lot of sugar. Be careful of being fat.