What causes dry skin?

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Dry skin is a condition in which the water level under the skin is lower than the normal level. Naturally, our skin looks radiant because it’s made up of water, oils, and natural moisturizers. The water is the most abundant component of the skin cells. For the oil from the sebaceous glands acts as a coating to prevent water loss from the skin cells. Natural moisturizers attract water to the skin. Therefore, if the water level in the subcutaneous layer decreases It will result in dry skin, flaky, itchy and easily prone to infection. which has both internal and external which we can prevent and fix with various helpers body as follows

The cause of dry skin problems.

  1. Age: Aging causes the sebaceous glands to work less. The skin lacks natural oils to nourish the skin. and the skin is unable to retain moisture UFABET
  1. Environment : sunlight, pollution and air with low humidity (winter or in an air-conditioned room)
  2. Wrong skin care: use soap that is not gentle on the skin. Using the wrong scrub more often than necessary Use lotion to wipe the skin containing alcohol. and a warm bath
  1. Certain medications: acne medication, diuretics
  2. Certain diseases: Dry skin can be found in conjunction with various diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, hypothyroidism. (Hypothyroidism) 
  3. malnutrition (Malnutrition): Lack of nutrients such as vitamins and fatty acids. Necessary to the skin will make the skin dry and dull.