Advantages and Cons of live casinos from UFABET

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Live casino introduction

Advantages and Cons of live casinos from UFABET. Suppose you want to experience the closest feeling to real-life casinos. In that case, you should opt for the live casino gaming concept.

By joining any of the recommended online casinos here, you will interact and play against real-life dealers and real-life players from UFABET.

But the only difference between online casinos with live dealers and land-based casinos is that all players are playing from the comfort of their homes, just like you.

Well, let’s not be so literal; you can play live dealer casino from any place where you can connect your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet at any time. Online casinos with live real money games are open 24/7, and there are no working times.

To enjoy these live dealer games in a real casino environment, you need to have a solid connection, a device with a browser and an account at one of the online casinos.

You can expect fast streams, HD video quality, diverse games and a wide range of games with live dealers to choose from.

Advantages of live casinos

There are many advantages of live gaming.

So in order to take you closest as possible to the vision of live gambling, we created this bullet list.

Besides fast and high-quality streams recorded with the best reality cameras players can expect:

  • Wide range of unique and diverse live games
  • Live chat feature where players can talk with teh dealer and the other players
  • Aspect of fair play is transparent as players can see all actions from their eyes
  • No limits on bet size
  • Exclusive live casino bonus offers
  • Latest gaming technology with high security level
  • Professional dealers and the finest equipment
  • Non stop streams
  • Multiple language options


Many review sites hide live gaming negative experiences.

Our policy is different; we reveal only accurate stats and things how they are to our visitors.

So when it comes to the live online casino experience, the are a few disadvantages that we cannot avoid:

  • You must deposit in order to try games, free mode is unavailable
  • Time to place your bet is limited, mostly players are required to place bets from 20 to 50 seconds
  • Sometimes expect technical issues due to connection quality, and tehnical components